We are so glad you want to be involved. Every month, 350Deschutes hosts volunteer meetings and educational events, open to current climate activists as well as new volunteers! Develop your own job using your unique skills and interests, or help us with one of the tasks outlined below. Attend a meeting to learn what 350Deschutes is up to and how you can get involved or email Laurie at lharrer@350deschutes.org


Join our Petition Committees!

Are you looking for a chance to make a difference in your community? A way to have a real impact on climate issues that directly affect you, your business, your friends and neighbors and future generations? Then join one of our petition committees that are working to create presentations that combine hard facts and true stories to persuade our local governments to enact policies that will protect our climate and our community.

Committees meet approximately once per month. If you can’t commit to joining the committee, but would like to volunteer to assist with our efforts, please contact Laurie.

Deschutes County Clean Energy Petition Committee

Our goal is to eventually get all of Deschutes county on board with adopting clean energy into its infrastructure. In this petition, we ask that the County begin an evaluation process to determine how to capitalize on the clean energy economy. This includes efficiency programs, fleet evaluation to support the transition away from dirty fuels, and incentivization of energy, efficiency, and cleaner fuel programs.
Contact Laurie if you are interested in joining this committee.

Oil Train Petition Committee

The number of trains carrying highly flammable petroleum products by rail through Oregon is increasing, and a recent executive order from the White House opens the door for liquified natural gas (LNG) to be transported by rail as well. In our city, the tracks run through busy and highly developed areas. In the case of a potential spill or derailment, disaster response and cleanup efforts could easily total in the millions or even billions of dollars.
In this petition, we ask that the city council codify that any corporation transporting oil or LNG by rail through our community needs to carry insurance equal to the cost of a worst-case spill or fire, and to carry a surety bond obligating them to pay the cost of response and cleanup, and disclose the dangerous cargo to first responders with at least 24 hours notice.
Contact Laurie if you are interested in joining this committee.

ANYTIME OPPORTUNITIES: To learn more, email Laurie at lharrer@350deschutes.org

Volunteer Recruiter/Organizer

Learn management skills as you recruit volunteers at events and gatherings. If you accept that humans are causing climate change then you will fit right in with our work. Hours are flexible. Must be able to commute to Bend locations.

Website and/or Social Media Manager

Do you enjoy writing or computer work? If you like to post to social media, you can do this for 350Deschutes as we expand our movement, educate, and advocate for the climate.

Another options is working on our website, either as a writer, or content developer. We have a wordpress website so if you’re a quick study on website development, or familiar with WordPress, then this job is for you. You can work from home, flexible hours, based on your schedule.

Be an Organizer-Meet and Greet:
Attend events, usually in a group of two or more. Greet people and ask them if they are interested in Climate change. If they feel that we should be doing something about it, offer to send them our newsletter, ask them to volunteer, and get their contact information.

Do you Sing? Do Theater? We need creatives to design skits, music, or songs that we integrate into our events to get media coverage. Whether individually or as a group, this is a powerful tool to engage the public.

Like to Write or Research?
We educate people in the community through OP-Eds, or feature articles in online blogs or publications.

Speak or testify at government meetings OR just show up to show support
We can provide 3 minute scripts or you can write your own. These are usually late afternoon or early evening. Generally they require waiting for 30 minutes to an hour before you are called to speak. Easy, anyone can do it!

Volunteer Coordinator
Like to meet people? Want to gain management experience? Ask people to volunteer. Inquire about their “special skills” that they might use for 350Deschutes.

Help 350Deschutes Plan our Yearly Conference, happening in October
No special skills, but an interest in doing research and contacting prospective speakers. We meet in person and by conference call to share ideas and make decisions.




Take Action in Central Oregon

Ask local elected officials to authorize CPACE for central Oregon!