350Deschutes is part of the Global Network of 350.org.

We are a separate nonprofit organization from 350.org, yet follow a similar purpose to build awareness, educate, organize, and further actions for climate stability:  this includes stopping new fossil fuel infrastructure, and developing climate policy. “350” refers to the “safe” level of carbon in the atmosphere (in ppm). We are now at “409”, a “climate emergency” level. We believe that in order to return to the safe level of “350” PPM, that we must make a JUST transition nearly completely away fossil fuels to clean energy, preferably by the year 2030 or 2040, but no later than 2050. These are the guidelines put forth by the IPCC, the United Nations non-partisan body composed of the best climate scientists in the world. We believe that Climate Change is like a progressive disease: its impacts will continue to  worsen if we fall short of reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions to the recommended level.

What is a JUST transition? Provisions must be made for individuals who may lose their jobs in the transition. Already, there are programs that support this for coal workers. Additionally, for every million dollars invested, clean jobs outnumber fossil fuel jobs nearly 4 to 1. These jobs are an ideal fit for Oregon’s Clean/Green Tech economy. Many are good paying jobs. Over the last year, the solar industry added jobs twelve times faster than the rest of the economy, even more than the jobs created by the oil and gas extraction and pipeline sectors combined. (ThinkProgress, Jan 2016). We believe that workforce training may be necessary  to ensure equity for ALL workers, and that this should be included in all climate policies that are advanced.

Who are the most vulnerable communities?  Climate change will affect everyone. But the most vulnerable are youth, people of color, and those from low income communities. Many may also be  outdoor workers that have little access to clean energy or clean transportation options. Some may lack knowledge of their vulnerability to toxic air and the risks of heat stress, heart, and respiratory disease. We seek to educate the community about these issues, engage active involvement,  and encourage other ameliorative actions.

Our training and guidance is provided by 350.org, a global network of organizations associated with Bill McKibben, environmentalist, and with Dr. James Hansen, notable climatologist from Columbia University. Our volunteers include citizens, scientists, students, business people, and experts from many occupations.

Our Key Volunteers and Staff:

Executive Director, Diane Hodiak
In addition to being the co-founder of 350Deschutes, Diane started 3 other nonprofit organizations. She has worked in various  management positions for nonprofit organizations, from program director, to public relations and executive director. After she completed her MBA, she became a management consultant to nonprofit organizations in management, planning and fundraising. At that time she was a regular conference/seminar presenter, and co-authored two books for nonprofits. She is currently the volunteer host for CarbonFreeda’s Powerup, a radio show about climate change for KPOV 88.9, Central Oregon.

Program and Volunteer Coordinator, Carrie Mack

Carrie has a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Missouri State University and a Masters in Public Administration with an emphasis in Non-profit Management from Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey. After graduation, she returned to the Midwest where she worked in the non-profit sector as a community impact coordinator for Illinois Wesleyan University. The focus of her work has been through the lens of community based action research projects that highlight fostering new ideas, collaboration, and increased capacity for all involved. She also taught a grant-writing course and was a grant-writing consultant for local non-profits.

For eight years, Carrie and her husband, Travis, spent their summers in Ontario. Being an owner and operator of a remote fishing lodge in the Canadian wilderness provided an in-depth look into the true importance of protecting our planet. Last year, they sold the business and headed west for the next adventure. As a new member of central Oregon, Carrie is thrilled to continue her work with an organization that is fiercely committed to climate action.

Treasurer, John Reuland
John is an avid volunteer for many birding and environmental organizations. Addressing climate change is also among his many passions and concerns. Retired now, his career experience includes many years in the financial industry working in operations and as a consultant to financial investment operations within the banking industry.  Born with an affinity for detail and numbers, John sees this volunteer opportunity as an ideal fit

Alice Hodgdon-Secretary
Alice has volunteered for many grassroots organizations for much of her life.She volunteered for MassPIRG doing environmental presentations in elementary schools. Over the years, her experience includes work with human service organizations, health care non-profits and environmental groups. The environment has always been her passion. She feels that 350Deschutes is a natural fit as climate change has become the defining environmental and moral issue of our time.

Jeff Rola-At large Board Member

Jeff was the founder an CEO of Community GoBio, an alternative fuel company that collected waste oil from 200 participating restaurants to be made into cleaner biodiesel. He serves his community through service on the boards of 350 Deschutes, the Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District, and recently as the Chief Financial Officer of the Nikua Training Center. Jeff seeks and prefers work that sustains, conserves, and enhances our quality of life.

Truman Merrified At large Board Member

Truman is a member of the Warm Springs Tribe and has worked as a firefighter across Central Oregon and Washington. He is a graduate of Central Oregon Community College where he served as the student body president.

Advisory Board

Scot Davidson, MBA

Leveraging 25 years of business leadership experience, in 2005 Scot shifted his life focus to sustainability issues.  He has since served as Director of Market Strategies at the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) and as Director of Carbon and Sustainability Consulting at Ecova.  Current, Scot serves as the VP for Programs at Enhabit, a Portland based non profit focused on social impact through better living spaces.

With interests in strategy, policy, program delivery and climate change Davidson brings a pragmatic approach to problems leading to durable solutions.  He holds an undergraduate degree in communications from Washington State University and an MBA from the University of Dallas.

Timm Schimke, Director, Deschutes County Solid Waste

Rodrigo Gaspar Barajas

Rodrigo is the son of Mexican immigrants and was raised by a single-mother. He graduated from Madras High School in 2010, and received a degree in Music, with an emphasis in vocal performance, from the University of Portland in 2014.

Since graduating from U of P, Rodrigo has shifted his focus from music to addressing issues of inequity and injustice faced by people of color in healthcare, education, nutrition, housing, and the environment, with emphasis on the Latino community and the unique ways in which we are affected by systems of oppression. Rodrigo is currently a Community Health Worker with Mosaic Medical’s Mobile Community Clinic, which attempts to make primary healthcare more accessible to Central Oregon’s Houseless and Migrant populations.

Greg Delgado

Greg was raised on a small farm in Sahuarita, Arizona by an economically disadvantaged family  . His parents instilled in him a strong sense of compassion and desire to work hard for the people in his community. Over 10 years ago Greg moved to Bend and became involved with Jobs with Justice and CAUSA after seeing first hand the abuses of workers.  During his time as a community organizer, Greg has developed extensive relationships with labor unions, the Latino community, and elected officials across the state. Greg has fought tirelessly on behalf of his community for Drivers Cards, Organizing Hospital Workers, Ban the Box Legislation, A Better Oregon Revenue Campaign, and Protection from Racial Profiling Legislation. He looks forward to carrying on his work on the campaign trail and in the Oregon State Senate.

Kyra Kadhim

Kyra is a high school student at Summit High School in Bend. She is the recipient of a 2016 Climate Champion Award from 350Deschutes for her exemplary work on the development and passage of the Bend Climate Resolution, passed in 2016. She is also actively involved in environmental work, and growing the group BENDYOUCAN, a student group dedicated to working towards climate policy and implementation.

Gabby G Gonzales

Gabby is an Environmental Sciences student at Oregon State University-Cascades. She was raised in Portland and strives for equality, sustainability, and empowerment of all people. She moved to Bend for school, but fell in love with the environment surrounding it. Shortly after moving, she joined 350Deschutes to get involved with the community to create a healthier Bend. she wants to create a sustainable world not only for today, but for future generations.



Voices for the Planet Fundraiser

October 3, 2018 6:00-8:30PM First Presbyterian Church Join us for live music from Joyroot, raffle and auction items, as well as food and drink.