Concerned about Global warming? Pollution, Clean energy, electric vehicles, or electrification?

Open to all adults and high school age and up.

350Deschutes works on climate policy, education, and actions for a JUST Transition. We’re a changemaker working on the root cause of our climate issues. We host a yearly conference that seeks to raise awareness about these issues and bring people together to tackle these issues.

If you have skills or background in adult or youth education, management, research, clean energy, building, transportation, you would be a great addition to our team.  People from underserved or marginalized communities are always welcome and are among our greatest assets. Advisory board members work with our other volunteers to plan our educational events, and or provide insight into our program planning.
What skills do you bring to help our Central Oregon Community? We’ll put them to work in a rewarding experience for you and others. Many advisory board members move on to become working board members. But that’s not required.

Advisory board members are of all ages and backgrounds. You just need a sincere interest to want to get involved.

We guarantee you will grow along with us, and develop many rewarding relationships.

Contact us today to learn more!

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