October 19, 2023

FERC Forces Approval of Gas Expansion Against Wishes of Oregon Leaders

Today FERC, The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved the expansion of the 1,300+ mile TC Energy Pipeline, GTN Xpress,  through  Central Oregon. This controversial and planet-destroying gas expansion will result in $13 billion dollars in cost of carbon, ultimately which all of us will pay for. This is from TC Energy estimates.  This means increased health costs, heat related deaths,  accelerated wildfires, and cost to our economy as well as vulnerable communities.

This approval comes on the backs of Senators, and governors from Oregon and Washington expressing their opposition to the expansion. These leaders have repeatedly stated that Oregon does not have need for this gas expansion. Oregon is on a pathway to beneficial electrification that will save money, clean up our air, and address climate change. Rather, the project is just to line the pockets of the fossil fuel industry at the expense of ratepayers.

Indeed, the rationale for this gas need, provided by TC Energy, is weak and sloppy accounting, with many gaps and assumptions.

We’re ready to fight!  We deserve better and our quality of life demands it. Will you join us in opposing this project?  Our work is not over! 

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In solidarity for the fight ahead

-The 350deschutes team


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