May 2, 2024

It’s UNSAFE and COSTLY: Time to STOP the GTN Xpress Pipeline expansion! Tell Cascade Natural Gas to END their contract with GTN.

On October 19th, 2023, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) granted approval for the expansion of the TC Energy Pipeline, known as GTN Xpress, spanning over 1,300 miles through Central Oregon and right through Bend’s backyard.

Not only is GTN XPress a backwards plan threatening the health, safety, and climate of the northwest region,  the expansion imposes a considerable burden on ratepayers – specifically Cascade Natural Gas customers. TC Energy is not a trusted company to build this project. Recent pipeline explosions in Virginia and Alberta, Canada have resulted in the destruction of habitat, threatened properties and posed significant wildfire risks. The existing 60+ year old pipeline infrastructure in Central Oregon is aging and may lack the capacity to safely accommodate the heightened volume with the approved expansion. These factors compound the urgency for thorough risk assessments and stringent safety measures to mitigate potential harm to communities and ecosystems.

For two years, communities across the Northwest have been fighting a proposed fracked gas expansion project from TC Energy called GTN XPress. The gas pipeline spans over 1,300 miles through Central Oregon and right through Bend’s backyard.

External costs from the pipeline, estimated by TC Energy to exceed $13 billion, increase pollution related health expenditures, heat-related fatalities, frequency of intense wildfires, and adverse economic impacts. Vulnerable communities will suffer the most.

Cascade Natural Gas customers – from Bend to Bellingham and around the Northwest – do not consent to financing this destructive and dangerous project. Join us in sending a strong message to Cascade Natural Gas: your customers do not support the GTN XPress project!

We need your help more than ever.

We’re ready to fight! Will you help us stop this pipeline project in our backyard?

  • Take action! Sign the petition linked below.
  • Attend our community resistance events to show our decision makers that we don’t want this pipeline in our backyard!
  • Spread the word!  Share this Webpage with your friends.

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