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Our youth are facing an unlivable world. Please join us in supporting changes to reverse this by adding your comments below.

Youth are asking Bend City Council to:

  • Set goals that disincentivize gas use (this is not a gas ban)
  • Set up a JUST TRANSITION fund to help low to moderate income people to get Electric Heat Pumps and Hot Water Heaters.
  • Require that new appliances meet safety standards on the harmful pollution they emit.
Gas inside Homes is Unhealthy

Harmful pollutants from Gas inside homes


Electric homes and buildings are a pathway to a healthy future.  As wildfires and drought and smoke related illness reach new highs, its time to act.

More than that, natural gas in homes contributes to asthma, cancer, lung and heart disease. Natural gas stoves leak harmful pollutants, benzene and formaldehyde. Here’s a quick video showing the harmful side effects.

High efficiency electric heat pumps & hot water heating could yield average annual energy bill savings of $192 annually in Bend

-Synapse Economics, Sierra Club  (NOTE: other studies indicate you could save up to $800 yearly. (DEQ)

Its cheaper to build new homes using all electric than with natural gas, based on a study of 9 cities by the Rocky Mountain Institute.

Please support youth and make a comment to Bend City Council, City staff, and Environment and Climate Committee  about the need to set policies that encourage electrification:

A comment can be 300 words, or just a sentence showing your support. For example: Introduce yourself and state where you live.  (in the form) ” I’m a student and I live in Bend”I support appliance standards. The City Council has the power to protect people and gas is hurting our health and climate.  Other governments , in San Francisco, and States of California and Texas have appliance standards of some type. Bend can do it too, for all appliances. I hadn’t realized how dangerous a gas stove is right in my own kitchen.  We could also benefit by using electric heat pumps and hot water tanks. We should not have to suffer the health consequences of using gas when it can be avoided.  Thank you. ”