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Resources: Funding, Information, Research

Resource spreadsheet: Funding, research, planning, and information. 

Download the latest PPEV Resources List from our sister site for the Go Clean Energy Conference. This is a living document. It will be continually updated for the duration of this project.


2023 PPEV Equitable EV Planning for Central Oregon Zoom Webinars



Register for the September webinar on Car Share Programs here!

We will be joined by Jennifer Zavon  from Forth Mobility who will give us a rundown on all things carshare!

Missed a meeting? Here are Recordings and SlideShows


Electric Vehicles for individuals, businesses, and government: Rebates, Tax incentives and how Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) works with different types of vehicles. 



ODOT CCR Info Sessions Slide Deck V3 March 20 2023

Presenters include Forth Mobility, 350Deschutes, Oregon Department of Transportation, and Rewired America.

EVSE Site Planning: Choosing location, assessing quality of internet service, choosing cost effective alternatives, future planning, and more. 

April 18, 2023 Meeting Recording

June 26, 2023 Meeting Recording (Electric buses, Heavy Duty Vehicles and Funding)

Presenters include Jeff German, Green Cap Energy, Paul Nijssen, of EVChargeforyou.

(Electric buses, Heavy Duty Vehicles and Funding)

June 26, 2023 Meeting Recording 

Electric buses, public transportation, and heavy duty vehicles. We will have presenters from every stage of the process, from manufacturing and logistics to funding, management, and charging. Learn about REPOWER to convert your existing oil/gas buses to electric for a fraction of the cost!

Presenters include Craig BeaverBeaverton School District Administrator for Transportation. Craig leads the largest district-owned school bus fleet in the state with a staff of over 290 employees and 315 buses. The department transports over 25,000 students per day and
over 3 million miles per year.

Ryan Phillips– ODOT- Climate Specialist for the Public Transportation Division

Ryan Phillips is the Climate Specialist for the Public Transportation Division, supporting fleet and transit electrification.

Dani Shannon- EPA Clean School Bus Program

Danielle (Dani) Shannon is a Grants Project Officer for the Clean School Bus Program in EPA’s Region 10 office in Seattle, WA. She is also a member of R10’s Mobile Sources Team and the West Coast Collaborative whose purpose is to reduce diesel emissions and advance clean technologies throughout the western United States.

September 19, 2023 Meeting Recording

Forth Mobility discusses a car share project in an underserved community.



Webinars are sponsored through the generosity of  Pacific Power.

PPEV Equitable EV Planning for Central Oregon

Individuals and staff from businesses, government, and nonprofits are invited to attend. Learn how to access the $$ millions coming for EV Infrastructure.

Stop GTN Pipeline Expansion

FERC has approved this pipeline expansion: it's a disaster waiting to happen! Help us as we work on a reversal.

EV Buying Tips

Tips for buying or leasing an EV in Central Oregon