A Strong Community Climate Action Plan!


Residents of Bend: ask the city council to pass a strong Community Climate Action Plan: sign here!

Update: A vote has tentatively been scheduled for December 4th! Join us at the city council meetings on November 6th and November 20th to urge the council to approve and implement the plan. The meeting starts at 7 pm; speakers are usually heard in the order that they sign up, so if you’d like to speak early, consider coming about 6 pm to sign up, then come back around 6:55. Each speaker has 3 minutes. If you’re not planning to speak, come show support for the plan. For talking points and more details, click here

Overviews of the plan here and here. If there’s a particular strategy or benefit that’s important to you, your family, or your business, personal perspectives make an impact.

Learn why a home energy score is a critical part of the Climate Action Plan: 350 Deschutes Director Diane Hodiak on why  this affordability tool matters here

The City of Bend’s Community Climate Action Plan is the result of months of work and cooperation between many different local stakeholders:  city government, businesses, environmental activists, youth, experts and individuals came together on the Climate Action Steering Committee to make recommendations on the best strategies to move Bend forward into a clean, sustainable economy. This fall, the city council will be choosing which of these recommendations and strategies to implement – determining what this plan will look like as actual policy. Sign the petition to ask the city to pass a strong plan.





Fridays For Future – Youth Climate Strike

350 Deschutes supports the student strikes being organized here in Oregon and world wide! In September of 2019, hundreds in Central Oregon joined millions around the globe to raise their voices for the future and the planet. This momentum continues with Fridays for Future throughout the school year. In Bend, youth strikes are happening Fridays at 4 pm on the corner of Greenwood and Wall.

Take Action in Central Oregon

Residents of Bend: Ask the city council for an ordinance on oil and LNG by rail!

Take Action in Central Oregon

Bend Residents: Let the City Council know you support a strong Community Climate Action Plan!

Take Action in Central Oregon

Deschutes County Residents: Ask the County Commissioners to start the transition to a strong energy future

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Major News

This is huge! A major step forward in the battle against climate change. Thank you President Obama for the Clean Energy Plan!! There are many more fights we must win on the Local, State and Federal levels. There are many ways to join the movement. Volunteer, donate to 350 Deschutes, put panels on your roof, (More...)