deschutes deschutes, August 22, 2015

By Alice Hodgdon
“Freedom isn’t free.” A common phrase oft used by the right. I’m taking it back. For decades in the US and elsewhere, we have enjoyed driving larger & larger vehicles, flaunted our wealth and power, used dirty sources of energy, and chosen convenience and greed over conservation and community. Freedom isn’t free and the whole world has started to pay the environmental price; one so expensive and unprecedented the planet could go bankrupt.

What’s a person to do? Put panels on your roof, bike to work, grow a garden, collect rainwater and the list goes on. Then wake up (like I did) realize the only way to reduce the price is to organize and join the movement. Gather signatures, educate others, speak at city hall, take a delegation to your senator, write an op ed or make a video. Which is just what 350 Deschutes has done. Enjoy. Act. Organize. Freedom truly isn’t free.


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