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This educational and interactive series about wildfires in Central Oregon focuses on how to prepare for the increasingly dangerous wildfire seasons, mitigate inequity in fire management and emergency response, and provide information on how to engage in mutual aid and community support. This series took place throughout the month of May, 2021, with multiple parts that will included a virtual community discussion, educational videos, and social media posts. See the event recordings, tools and links below!


  • Home hardening

  • Indigenous wildfire management

  • Climate change impacts on wildfires

  • Equitable emergency preparedness

  • Cheap, easy tools for withstanding wildfire

  • How to access or donate to mutual aid efforts


Stay tuned for more information as we continue to update this page with more tools and links!

Help us to keep our community safe and set up systems of mutual aid BEFORE wildfire season starts. To get involved with this series, contact our program coordinator Laurie at


Past Events:


Click here to learn how you can dispose the yard debris that might feed a wildfire in your neighborhood for FREE through FireFree events!



OR-Alert System

Oregon is finalizing its statewide system for alerts, warnings, and notifications called OR-Alert (including wildfire evacuations, etc.)! This system will automatically alert Mobile phones using Wireless Emergency Alerts, Land lines, Radio and television via the Emergency Alert System, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Weather Radio to alert people without the need to sign up. Still important to note it is best to have multiple ways to learn of evacuations and other alerts: sign up with your county alert system, connect with your local fire district, and create a “phone tree” with your neighbors to check in on each other). For landlines, the website says they will also use “pre-loaded resident and business contact data” (updated quarterly).

There is also the option to do anonymous opt-ins for those who do not have publicly-known residential contact info by texting a keyword or zip code to the system. To learn more about it, check out the OR-Alert Vision website or the OR-Alert Overview and Status Report Presentation.


Guides & Links

Central Oregon Fire Info – Prescribed fires and smoke and air quality in Central Oregon

Project Wildfire

Wildfires & Smoke Resources by Oregon Health Authority

Prepare! A Resource Guide by the American Red Cross

Smoke-Ready Toolbox for Wildfires by the United States Environmental Protection Agency

Oregon Wildfire Response

NIEHS Worker Training Program & National Clearinghouse for Wildfire response

Firewise – Build a “fire ready” community

Keep Oregon Green

Jefferson County Fuels Reduction Reimbursement Program

Tools to View Live Smoke, Fires & Climate Conditions

AirNow Fire and Smoke Map

Real-Time Wildfires by OregonLive

Climate Toolbox – Fire


Freely Viewable Documentaries about Wildfires:

“Era of Megafires” Wenatchee Fire Video

“Inside the Megafire” documentary by NOVA premiered 5/8/2019 about the 2018 California fires

“Tending the Wild: Cultural Burning”

PPEV Equitable EV Planning for Central Oregon

Individuals and staff from businesses, government, and nonprofits are invited to attend. Learn how to access the $$ millions coming for EV Infrastructure.

Stop GTN Pipeline Expansion

FERC has approved this pipeline expansion: it's a disaster waiting to happen! Help us as we work on a reversal.

EV Buying Tips

Tips for buying or leasing an EV in Central Oregon