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This educational and interactive series about wildfires in Central Oregon will focus on how to prepare for the increasingly dangerous wildfire seasons, bring attention to inequity in fire management and emergency response, and provide information on how to engage in mutual aid and support community members during the time of crisis wildfire season is for many. This series will be taking place throughout the month of May, with multiple parts that will include a virtual community discussion, educational videos, and social media posts.

Register here for the webinar on May 23 @ 2pm


Topics we will include:

  • Home hardening

  • Indigenous wildfire management

  • Climate change impacts on wildfires

  • Equitable emergency preparedness

  • Cheap, easy tools for withstanding wildfire

  • How to access or donate to mutual aid efforts


Stay tuned for more information as we put this series together! Keep an eye out for your opportunity to attend a webinar, partake in a virtual discussion, and watch informative videos.

Help us to keep our community safe and set up systems of mutual aid BEFORE wildfire season starts. To get involved with this series, contact our program coordinator Laurie at


Past Events:


Freely Viewable Documentaries about Wildfires:

“Era of Megafires” Wenatchee Fire Video

“Inside the Megafire” documentary by NOVA premiered 5/8/2019 about the 2018 California fires

“Tending the Wild: Cultural Burning”



Guides & Links

Wildfires & Smoke Resources by Oregon Health Authority

Prepare! A Resource Guide by the American Red Cross

Smoke-Ready Toolbox for Wildfires by the United States Environmental Protection Agency

Oregon Wildfire Response

NIEHS Worker Training Program & National Clearinghouse for Wildfire response

Keep Oregon Green

Tools to View Live Smoke, Fires & Climate Conditions

AirNow Fire and Smoke Map

Real-Time Wildfires by OregonLive

Climate Toolbox – Fire



Take Action in Central Oregon

Residents of Bend: Ask the city council for code changes on oil and LNG by rail!

Take Action in Central Oregon

Ask local elected officials to authorize CPACE for central Oregon!

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