Climate Conference to Honor Champions: Nominees Sought


Early adopters have always led the way to new and improved ways of living. Already, there are many businesses, organizations, and individuals who have learned that conservation, energy efficiency, clean energy and transportation, and thoughtful buying decisions all contribute to increased value for themselves and the community. 350Deschutes, a local nonprofit organization, seeks to honor these champions at their upcoming conference, Climate Change: Solutions & Opportunities, on October 3. They seek nominations, either individuals, or entities, from Central Oregon. Please CONTACT US with suggested names of nominees to along with 25 words as to why they are being nominated. Nominations close September 11. Climate Champions will be featured on the website and conference.

The current list of nominees includes:

Dr, Nathan Boddie, Bend City Councilor

Utility Trailer Sales of Oregon, Redmond

Rod Porsche, Downtown Bend Business Association

Angelina Swan, Owner Angelina Organic Skin Care

Bend Parks and Recreation

Oregon State University

Central Oregon Community College

Delene Patterson, Owner, Bluebird Coffee

Chuck Arnold, Community Development, City of Redmond, Oregon

Three Sisters Irrigation District

Some of the Characteristics of Climate champions:

  1. Installation of solar or renewable energy that decreases cost while also contributing to clean air and the reduction of harmful emissions from fossil fuels. This may be a netzero facility or home whose energy use equals its energy savings.
  2. Buying decisions that consider costs, and reuse of materials in order to lower the environmental impact of waste and transportation.
  3. Installation of energy efficient appliances, lighting, and/or heating/cooling, that reduce energy use and lower costs.
  4. Getting around through biking, electric or fuel efficient cars, mass transit, or walking to help alleviate traffic congestion while reducing pollution and lowering harmful carbon emissions.
  5. Integration of sustainable practices into their business model to reduce waste, decrease cost and maintenance, while helping the bottom line.
  6. Lifestyle decisions that may include a diet of more plant based foods, rather than meat.
  7. Purchasing decisions that focus on locally sourced products, such as Community Supported Agriculture and other local vendors.

“The clean economy offers value to individuals, businesses, and communities”, says Diane Hodiak, executive director of 350deschutes. “These early adopters have discovered how to integrate these choices, or some of these choices, into their everyday life. You don’t have to believe in climate change to experience the benefits. You only have to believe that there are better choices that lead to healthier and wealthier communities.”

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