I have always been a cyclist, though a commuter first, exerciser second and then there’s the time I took my old hybrid to Phil’s and boy did I get some looks! Cycling has always been a simple and affordable way for me to help the planet. Then along about 2009 when I moved into my first house I took another major step towards sustainability and had a photo-voltaic system installed on my house. The incentives were so strong and the timing perfect. It was simply a no-brainer. And though I was proud of producing almost all my own electricity, our heat and hot water come from natural gas; a potent greenhouse gas. And then there are the plane trips, the driving, the food I eat, the roads I use, buildings I frequent and all the other myriad of things I do that contribute to my carbon footprint. Cycling and panels and individual actions simply weren’t enough. The obvious next step in my environmental progression was to volunteer, to organize, to advocate. So much can be accomplished when we join together. Our efforts and voices are amplified and the results much more significant than that of a few solar panels or bicycle trips to work and the grocery store. So I joined 350Deschutes. We have accomplished a great deal through education and advocacy with events such as the Climate March and Conference to policy work such as our efforts in getting the Bend Climate Resolution passed and working towards the Clean Energy Jobs Bill in Oregon. There is much more work to be done; on all levels local, state and federal and not a lot of time to take major steps forward before the worst impacts of climate change will be felt. Please join us!

Alice Hodgdon

Alice is a Board member of 350Deschutes and has been an environmental activist for many years.