Power Past Paris Rally

Power Past Paris Rally : Protest US withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement

Join Us! Friday July 7 5:30 pm to 6:45
Peace Corner, Bank of A on Wall Street

We’re doing a peaceful nonviolent protest of the US withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement. We’re not going backwards, we’re going forwards and we want our leader to know that we support the path to clean energy and reducing polluting emissions. Climate action is an imperative to protect all of us as well as future generations. Wear green/blue and bring your signs.

At 6:30 we’ll move to Mcmenamins for social hour.

PPEV Equitable EV Planning for Central Oregon

Individuals and staff from businesses, government, and nonprofits are invited to attend. Learn how to access the $$ millions coming for EV Infrastructure.

Stop GTN Pipeline Expansion

FERC has approved this pipeline expansion: it's a disaster waiting to happen! Help us as we work on a reversal.

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