Electrification’s Vital Role in Health and Climate Resilience

In the context of sharing my perspective on the evolving emissions scenario in Oregon and the City of Bend, it’s crucial to acknowledge the subjective nature of this blog. As someone deeply invested in the community’s well-being, it’s imperative to collectively address the escalating concerns related to environmental and health impacts. This isn’t merely an (More...)


How is Oregon making environmental strides in 2021?

By Rebecca Carrillo   After one of the most tumultuous years of the 21st century, we are finally mid-way through what most people hope is a new start. A new president has taken office, Covid-19 cases are beginning to decline, and a glimmer of “normal” life has returned. In the midst of all these changes, (More...)

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3 Must-Have Tools to Create the Buildings of the Future

JAMIE MILLER August 18, 2020   In 2020, it seems as though every aspect of society is being re-conceptualized, especially in terms of progressing our future towards sustainability. In the building sector, tiny homes, communal workspaces and converted vans are just a few advancements that are reshaping the industry and replacing traditional building designs. There (More...)

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Logging Is the Lead Driver of Carbon Emissions from US Forests

If we want to effectively mitigate climate change, it’s time for bold action to protect forestlands. DANNA SMITH, CHAD HANSON, AND MATTHEW KOEHLER April 4, 2019 Climate change is having a growing impact on Americans and, as the crisis escalates, communities face growing challenges. The latest report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change underscores that we (More...)


From Bicycles to Panels to Advocacy

I have always been a cyclist, though a commuter first, exerciser second and then there’s the time I took my old hybrid to Phil’s and boy did I get some looks! Cycling has always been a simple and affordable way for me to help the planet. Then along about 2009 when I moved into my (More...)

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Trump Reversal on Paris Climate Deal Stimulates Instead of Stifles

President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Deal is having the opposite effect than expected. Hundreds of cities, states, and businesses are advancing with stronger than ever commitments to clean energy and a reduction in polluting emissions. 334 mayors, three governors, more than 80 university presidents and more than 100 businesses are negotiating with the (More...)

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Freedom Isn’t Free

By Alice Hodgdon “Freedom isn’t free.” A common phrase oft used by the right. I’m taking it back. For decades in the US and elsewhere, we have enjoyed driving larger & larger vehicles, flaunted our wealth and power, used dirty sources of energy, and chosen convenience and greed over conservation and community. Freedom isn’t free (More...)

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Major News

This is huge! A major step forward in the battle against climate change. Thank you President Obama for the Clean Energy Plan!! There are many more fights we must win on the Local, State and Federal levels. There are many ways to join the movement. Volunteer, donate to 350 Deschutes, put panels on your roof, (More...)