I n t e r n  P o s I t i o n

Organizing-Marketing-Volunteer Coordination-Online/Social Media

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Web: www.350deschutes.org

350Deschutes is a nonprofit organization located in Bend, Oregon. We are a growing organization that is connected to a statewide and global presence. Our mission is to stop new fossil fuel infrastructure, advance policy, educate and build awareness of climate change, and to organize within the community at all levels, to foster the transition to a low carbon economy. We seek a part time person to assist with marketing, volunteers, and communications for our programming.

Training is provided, as well as possibilities for advancement.

Stipend: A Stipend will be paid. Hours required and final amount is negotiable, depending upon the skills of the applicant,  and will be discussed during the interview.

Gain valuable experience or expand your skillset to build a solid resume, prepare for your job and develop valuable new skills.

Personal Attributes and Skills Desired

  • A current driver’s license and/or ability to commute within Bend
  • Ability to plan workload and keep own schedule with minimal supervision. Weekly meetings are essential in order to coordinate tasks, but the candidate will work from a home office and attend outside meetings.
  • Required to keep organizational information confidential
  • Willingness to set a flexible schedule that might include some weekends and evenings.
  • To be able to use Excel, Powerpoint, and Word documents on your own computer.
  • Good writing skills
  • Familiarity with social media, such as facebook or Instagram.
  • Prior experience with graphics programs or willingness to learn is a plus
  • Personable, with ability to talk to strangers.

Most Common Tasks:

Be an Organizer-Meet and Greet, and Develop People Management Skills

Attend or help create special events, usually in a group with staff and/or two or more other volunteers.

Greet people at community events. Promote our work and recruit volunteers.

Lead Meetings:Recruit Participants

We often host meetings to educate people about the climate, train them, and ask them to participate.


Write for our newsletter, or create petitions for our campaigns. Develop our online or social media presence.


Tasks that may be part of the job description:

  1. To develop own job plan, with goals and objectives, in coordination with staff and volunteers.
  2. To learn use of Action network for sending petitions, action alerts and managing volunteer emails.
  3. To recruit, engage, train, and cultivate volunteers.
  4. To work on organizational newsletter as part of a team.
  5. To provide input to and follow a communications plan for the organization, including frequency and use of newsletter, social media, action alerts, broadcast, print, and radio.
  6. To conduct volunteer meetings along with executive director and/or volunteers
  7. To infrequently speak at events
  8. To attend trainings when necessary.

Please send resume along with a writing sample of at least 500 words.

Contact Diane Hodiak, Executive Director at dhodiak@350deschutes.org




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