#areYOUintheblastzone : 350Deschutes to join Build Back Fossil Free national week of action half-way through Biden 100 days 

Join us on Instagram and Facebook — April 1 – 9.  350Deschutes is joining a national week of action with the #BuildBackFossilFree coalition to escalate the demand for President Joe Biden to be a real Climate President by stopping all new fossil fuel projects. 

WHAT: #areYOUintheblastzone as part of national Build Back Fossil Free week of action. Post images of yourself at your favorite local parks, breweries, businesses, or even at your home to show how much of Bend is within the blast zone. Tag us @350deschutes and use the hashtag #areyouintheblastzone

WHEN: The whole first week of April, April 1 – 9

WHEREInstagram and Facebook . This is a social media event, and therefore 100% virtual and covid-safe! Just snap and share a photo of yourself in the blast zone, tag @350deschutes, and use the hashtag #areyouintheblastzone

WHO: 350Deschutes in coordination with the Build Back Fossil Free coalition, and tens of thousands of people across the country.

WHY: Here in central Oregon, particularly in Bend, we are literally living, working, learning, and playing in a potential devastating train derailment, spill, fire or even explosion. We need to raise awareness that trains carrying fossil gases are putting us all at risk and urge our city council to pass a resolution opposing their unsafe transport through our community.

  • On Day One, Biden kept his promise and rejected Keystone XL after a decade-long Indigenous-led fight. Now he must use his executive powers to immediately stop the Line 3 and Dakota Access pipelines, stop all fossil fuel projects, and protect our communities. 
  • This is in solidarity with Indigenous youth runners traveling to Washington D.C. on April 1 to demand Biden to stop the Dakota Access pipeline and Biden Build Back Fossil Free. Ahead of the April 22 Global Climate Summit, we’re sending a clear message: Biden must confront environmental racism and fossil fuel companies fueling the climate crisis.

As we rebuild and recover from the compound crises of COVID-19, racial and economic injustice, and climate disasters, it’s not enough to Build Back Better — we need a Just Recovery to Build Back Fossil Free.

For more information on the #BuildBackFossilFree week of action, visit: https://buildbackfossilfree.org/



Take Action in Central Oregon

Residents of Bend: Ask the city council for code changes on oil and LNG by rail!

Take Action in Central Oregon

Ask local elected officials to authorize CPACE for central Oregon!

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