PPEV Equitable EV Planning for Central Oregon

Individuals and staff from businesses, government, and nonprofits are invited to attend. Learn how to access the $$ millions coming for EV Infrastructure.

Stop GTN Pipeline Expansion

FERC has approved this pipeline expansion: it's a disaster waiting to happen! Help us as we work on a reversal.

EV Buying Tips

Tips for buying or leasing an EV in Central Oregon




Bicycles to Panels

I have always been a cyclist, though a commuter first, exerciser second and then there’s the time I took my old hybrid to Phil’s and boy did I get some looks! Cycling has always been a simple and affordable way …


Blogs Climate Change

Natural Gas & Biomass

Natural Gas and BioMass:       Read about it here.
Why Natural Gas Isn’t Really Clean

Natural Gas burns cleaner, but the distribution and extraction or “fracking” of natural gas often leaks methane, which is 25 times more heat trapping over a …