Stop Fooling Oregon

Stop Fooling Oregon

Don’t fall for PriorityOregon’s misinformation. This dark money,  sham group has launched ads and social media attacking the Clean Energy Jobs Bill.  They have created a platform filled with misinformation  to scare legislators and voters into voting against their best interests.

What’s Fact and What’s Fiction


10 US States and One in Canada have now reauthorized their similar carbon pricing bills. They’ve been getting stronger over the past several years. Why? Because these policies create valued revenues and incent polluters to use cleaner fuels. These policies are effective in reducing polluting emissions and creating jobs.

Oregon could use the revenues, estimated at several hundred million dollars, to fix our roads and infrastructure and to bring more clean energy jobs to rural and impacted communities.

According to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, where 9 northeast states have had Cap and Invest programs for a number of years, low income, manufacturing, businesses, and building owners have been benefitting from the proceeds of the program. They are transitioning to clean energy and saving thousands of dollars on utility bills.

Oregon residents and businesses could save money too. But first we need to pass the bill and create the revenues to create these valuable programs.

The Clean Energy Jobs Cap and Trade Bill makes POLLUTERS PAY for the damage they are doing to our world.  Today, polluters have a free pass to do the damage and taxpayers have to pick up the tab. We pay with our health,  environmental and business losses due to climate impacts.


Who is Priority Oregon? They don’t seem eager to identify themselves or their sources of money.

They falsely claim that the bill will hurt business. It the bill would hurt business, why are so many large and small businesses, 830 of them, backing the bill? Many are already pricing carbon.

They falsely state that it will raise your cost of living. This bill is well vetted, years of conversation with many potentially impacted groups has indicated where, if any, impacts may occur. Low income people will receive credits on their utility bill. And any entity that is under the Cap, and would be adversely affected may receive an allowance. Because the bill encourages the use of clean energy, which is cheaper than fossil fuels, it is much more likely to decrease costs.


Don’t fall for Priority Oregon’s false claims. Tell your legislator to pass the Clean Energy Jobs Bill.




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