First 50 registrants get a new Tote Bag and shampoo soap! Free Raffle for MeliWraps! all to help you Avoid Plastic. NEW incentives will help you save thousands! Everyone, including low to moderate income, can save money on new, leased or used electric cars. Discover how you can get to zero net energy with solar and efficiency. Tips on Plastic avoidance and DIY products. Multiple presenters will show you how you manage your waste and buying choices. Come for the fun, and discover how to improve your life AND help the planet. $10 donation appreciated. Students with ID or kids under 14 go free. Conference attendees are free.

Speaker snippets: ( 5 to 15 minutes each)

Jaqueline Drumheller,

Sustainability consultant and college instructor. Former sustainability director for Alaska airlines.

Do this not that: Easy personal choices that help you lose weight, save money, and help the planet

Paula Latasa Kinzer : Healthy World

Avoid plastic: vendors, big picture options, and DIY products for you to make that are high quality and save you money!

Learn how you can easily make the following products:

All purpose cleaner

Furniture polish

Carpet Fresh

Air Freshener

Hand gel

Nasal Inhaler (for allergies and congestion)

Chest Rub

Flea and Tic Powder for dogs

Anastacia Compton

Anastacia Compton works on outreach and education for the new EV charging stations at the COCC campuses in Madras and Redmond which were made possible with support from Pacific Power.

She will discuss how you can obtain up to $5,000 in cash rebates and $7,500 in tax credits from buying new or used, or leasing an electric vehicle. EVS’s are now for everyone, regardless of income. Discover the excitement of driving electric, and how you can begin to save money and the planet!


Penelope’s Soaps

Meli Wraps

Young Living


PPEV Equitable EV Planning for Central Oregon

Individuals and staff from businesses, government, and nonprofits are invited to attend. Learn how to access the $$ millions coming for EV Infrastructure.

Stop GTN Pipeline Expansion

FERC has approved this pipeline expansion: it's a disaster waiting to happen! Help us as we work on a reversal.

EV Buying Tips

Tips for buying or leasing an EV in Central Oregon