April 29th, 2017

Peoples Climate March, Bend.

Jobs, Justice, Climate

NOON Location TBD

Our clean air and water is under assault by polluters!

From the Environmental Protection Agency teardown to appointment of BigOil polluters to Cabinet posts, and loosening of protective regulations, we’re all at risk.

We all deserve a healthy climate where all pay their fair share for pollution that is hurting everyone. We know the way forward to protect our way of life and all future generations. Clean energy is our future as we act on climate and create good paying jobs for everyone, but especially those who must make a JUST TRANSITION away from dirty fossil fuels.

Lets rally support for Climate Action. Inspire our leaders and our community. Saving our planet, our forests and our rivers, requires EVERYONE. Lets put forward our vision of climate justice for all, not just a special few.

Come get started. The only way this works is if YOU are a part of it, building a movement from the ground up. The motto of the first Peoples Climate March was “To change everything, we need everyone.” This spring, we’re renewing that vision — to show that our movement will rise up and resist the special interests that are poisoning our future.

Join us!   Volunteer! Experience what a great feeling it is to be a part of it.

Come together for the Bend, Oregon Solidarity March with the Peoples Climate Mobilization being held in Washington DC.

That’s the plan. This is going to be one of the largest challenges we’ve taken on as an organization and as a movement.

We hope you’ll be part of it with us — and with the many partners and allies who are helping to make it all happen.