350Deschutes videos of speakers at the 2016 Climate Change Conference on October 3 & 4, 2016


“Going Green: Good for the Planet & the Bottom Line”

Roger Worthington, Worthy Brewery


“Project Examples: Funding Options for Budget-neutral Energy & Water Projects for Government and Commercial Entities”

Joe O’Donnell


“Materials, Trash to Treasure, Waste Prevention”

Dunning & Rowcroft


“The Successful Urban Action Experience: Lessons & Achievements in Eugene’s Climate Recovery Ordinance & Plan”

Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy


“Climate Policy on the Horizon, Bend Climate Resolution”

Journet & Hodiak


“City of Portland – Crafting Award Winning Climate Action with Community Involvement”

Michelle Crim


“Our Renewable Future. Wind, Solar, Community Solar, Jobs, Advocacy, Challenges & Opportunities”

Hayes, Beaman & Bissonnette


“From Targets to Tangibles: how Eugene is Meeting Aggressive Climate Goals”

Matt McCrae


“Clean, Healthy, and Desirable Compact Communities. Creating Access to Nature, Amenities, and Transportation”

Bergh, Skidmore & Morgan


“Investing in Clean Energy for Immediate Reward”

Sullivan & Holland


“Best Practices: Scalable Ideas from City Climate Plans Across the Nation”

Mottl & Hodiak


“Save Money From the Start with New, Used, or Leased Electric Vehicles, Fleet, Trucks, Buses, and Bikes”

Zach Henkin, Drive Oregon


“Climate Friendly Living: It’s Healthier, Easier on your Wallet, and Good for the Planet”

Diane Hodiak

“Funding your investments: Renewables, Efficiencies, ODOE, & Energy Trust”

Robert Del Mar


“Climate Change & National Forests of Central Oregon”

Kristen McBride


“Protecting our Precious Water: Climate and Drought forecasts – How can we prepare”

Michael Murphy, Marilyn Lohman, Kate Fitzpatrick, Jenna Tilt


“Oregon Climate Impacts on crops, wildfire, and Extreme Weather – a new “normal”? Envisioning potential effects of increased emissions scenarios”

Michael Murphy, NOAA


“Oregon’s Most Vulnerable Communities”

Kyra Kadhim & Greg Delgado




Fridays For Future – Youth Climate Strike

350 Deschutes supports the student strikes being organized here in Oregon and world wide! In September of 2019, hundreds in Central Oregon joined millions around the globe to raise their voices for the future and the planet. This momentum continues with Fridays for Future throughout the school year. In Bend, youth strikes are happening Fridays at 4 pm on the corner of Greenwood and Wall.

Take Action in Central Oregon

Residents of Bend: Ask the city council for an ordinance on oil and LNG by rail!

Take Action in Central Oregon

Deschutes County Residents: Ask the County Commissioners to start the transition to a strong energy future