350Deschutes videos of speakers at the 2016 Climate Change Conference on October 3 & 4, 2016


“Going Green: Good for the Planet & the Bottom Line”

Roger Worthington, Worthy Brewery


“Project Examples: Funding Options for Budget-neutral Energy & Water Projects for Government and Commercial Entities”

Joe O’Donnell


“Materials, Trash to Treasure, Waste Prevention”

Dunning & Rowcroft


“The Successful Urban Action Experience: Lessons & Achievements in Eugene’s Climate Recovery Ordinance & Plan”

Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy


“Climate Policy on the Horizon, Bend Climate Resolution”

Journet & Hodiak


“City of Portland – Crafting Award Winning Climate Action with Community Involvement”

Michelle Crim


“Our Renewable Future. Wind, Solar, Community Solar, Jobs, Advocacy, Challenges & Opportunities”

Hayes, Beaman & Bissonnette


“From Targets to Tangibles: how Eugene is Meeting Aggressive Climate Goals”

Matt McCrae


“Clean, Healthy, and Desirable Compact Communities. Creating Access to Nature, Amenities, and Transportation”

Bergh, Skidmore & Morgan


“Investing in Clean Energy for Immediate Reward”

Sullivan & Holland


“Best Practices: Scalable Ideas from City Climate Plans Across the Nation”

Mottl & Hodiak


“Save Money From the Start with New, Used, or Leased Electric Vehicles, Fleet, Trucks, Buses, and Bikes”

Zach Henkin, Drive Oregon


“Climate Friendly Living: It’s Healthier, Easier on your Wallet, and Good for the Planet”

Diane Hodiak

“Funding your investments: Renewables, Efficiencies, ODOE, & Energy Trust”

Robert Del Mar


“Climate Change & National Forests of Central Oregon”

Kristen McBride


“Protecting our Precious Water: Climate and Drought forecasts – How can we prepare”

Michael Murphy, Marilyn Lohman, Kate Fitzpatrick, Jenna Tilt


“Oregon Climate Impacts on crops, wildfire, and Extreme Weather – a new “normal”? Envisioning potential effects of increased emissions scenarios”

Michael Murphy, NOAA


“Oregon’s Most Vulnerable Communities”

Kyra Kadhim & Greg Delgado



Take Action in Bend

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