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GoCleanEnergy Conference

2018 GoCleanEnergy Conference

Visit www.GoCleanEnergy.ORG for a full  listing of sponsors and presenters.

22 speakers, some of the presentations appear here.

2019 Conference Date will be Thursday, October 3


Opening Keynote

Jeff Hammarlund, Professor of Energy Policy, Retired, Portland State University, Why Clean Energy: An Overview of Advances in Corporate and Government at all levels

Why Clean Energy Presentation


Wasted Food/Wasted Money

Session for Breweries, food service, grocers, and restaurants

Elaine Blatt, Department of Environmental Quality explains how the food we waste could power Oregon’s homes for 30 year. She discusses a toolkit and software that helps businesses to cut food waste from the start and thereby increase the bottom line. Studies show about 50% of businesses increase their return about 14%. Note: this slideshow may take a moment to download.\eblatt\BlattE_Deschutes350_DEQ_slides_only.pptx

Strategic Energy Management

Genevieve London, Stillwater Energy, Strategic Energy Management for Small and Large Businesses.

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Commercial & Community  Solar

Worthy Brewery Case Example

Sunlight-Worthy (1) (1)

Community Solar:  Evan Ramsey, Bonneville Environmental Foundation. provides many project examples, with payback info.

BEF Community Solar


Reduce your Carbon Footprint, Savings for you and the Planet

Green Your LIfe & Business, Diane Hodiak, 350Deschutes

Green Your LIfe and Business

Real Estate & Building

Home Energy Score: Benefits for buyers and Homeowners?  Now in Portland and 3 states.

Scot Davidson, Enhabit

Home Energy Score


Diversity and Socially Responsible Investing

Hiring and Building Competitiveness for your Business, Mari Watanable, Partners in Diversity.

Partners in Diversity


Final Keynote: Mike Goetz, Citizens Utility Board:

Oregon’s Path to a Flexible Clean Energy Future and Reduce GHG Emissions

Mike Goetz – Go Clean Energy 7-13-18










Take Action in Central Oregon

Residents of Bend: Ask the city council for code changes on oil and LNG by rail!

Take Action in Central Oregon

Deschutes County Residents: Ask the County Commissioners to start the transition to a strong energy future

Join us!

Past or present, or wannabe volunteers come join us for fun, food, and a peek at 2020.